Ascott Enterprises is specialized in delivering high quality personal hygiene products.

We focus on the quality of the product and render timely service so as to achieve full customer satisfaction. Our make sure that our products are being delivered at an affordable pricing. Hygiene products falling into a necessity category of each person’s life, we are not ready to compromise on the comfort and safety level of our products. Our focus on the continuous development and introduction of new products and programs ensures that we offer the most comprehensive product line while helping our retail partners grow their sales and profits while exceeding consumer expectations.

We're the exclusive dealers of HANION products

We sell all kinds of hanion products including diapers and sanitary products

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We serve products that are 100% comfortable. We don’t use heavily scented perfumes or bleaches that causes itching or rashes.


Napkins we provide can be used without any fear of spillage. We use highly absorbent raw materials in our production.


We use high quality raw materials and keeps an eye on the price tag. All the perks we provide will not burn your pocket.